Absolutely… Goldie: A Biography

Price: £17.99

Goldie Hawn is one of Hollywood¹s most enduring comedy actresses and has clocked up a massive 30 years in a business that is notorious for building up its stars and then dropping them back into obscurity from 30,000 feet without a parachute.

Goldie’s rise and rise from giggling, dizzy, blonde showgirl to big-shot actress and producer has not been without its problems, but with her astute business brain belying the skinny, bubbly, airhead persona, she still treads the hallowed showbiz turf that many a contemporary unceremoniously skidded from within years of making the grade.

Christopher Wilson¹s biography of one of the most popular blondes in the business tracks the young Ms. Hawn from her goofy teenage years–blighted by flat chest, goggle eyes and a massive mouth– through to her early encounters on the casting couch, high-kicking chorus-girl shenanigans, and her big break on Rowan and Martin¹s Laugh-In with a wry, respectful affection that somehow manages to delve into some of the less salubrious details of her seemingly perfect life without removing any of the polish.

The story of a survivor in a city that takes no prisoners, Absolutely … Goldie is the story of one woman who has fought tooth and nail for her career while leaving barely a scar on her ripe, golden-girl image. But what we all really want to know is how dare she look THAT good in her 50s!– Susan Harrison

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